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Annya Kluczynska


Annya Kluczynska,  Osteopathic Practitioner

“As a practitioner of osteopathy, physiotherapy and massage, Annya is the best! No question. But what I love about her is that she brings more than just technical expertise to her practice. She is also deeply reflective, philosophical, and spiritual. During some of our treatments we will have amazing conversations about the connectivity of our physical condition to all the other parts of ourselves: our emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being, of course, affects our physical well-being. For me, Annya’s practical talents are only enhanced and heightened by this intangible element of her practice.”

Thank you Annya!

Laura Warren


Annya Kluczynska graduated from Canadian Collage of Osteopathy and has co-written her thesis with Vlodek Kluczynski titled “The Nature of Intent in Osteopathic Practice”.  This document reflects her philosophy and approach to assessment and treatment. Her contribution to the academic osteopathic community consists of participation as a Jury Member for the thesis protocol committee, thesis presentation committee and advisor for thesis writers. Her osteopathic experience have enriched her understanding of assessment and treatment process and clarified the paradoxes of problems that she has encountered on her professional path.

Annya Kluczynska has practiced manual therapy for over thirty years of her life working with the whole spectrum of population. She is also licensed Physiotherapist with the Canadian College of Physiotherapy in Ontario since 1988.

While treating her patients Annya uses variety of tools aimed alleviating pain, discomfort or stiffness. Her approach to treatment consists of soft tissue mobilization, stretching, massage techniques, spinal adjustment, or specific osteopathic techniques including cranio-sacral and visceral techniques. Her unique approach to assessment and treatment integrates knowledge and experience from the field of Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy and Osteopathy. Her practice includes treatment of acute as well as chronic conditions.

Annya has graduated from the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, Poland in 1982 with Master Degree in Physical Rehabilitation. Her Canadian experience composes of practices from Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto East General Hospital and Outpatient Orthopedic Physiotherapy clinics for general population and extensive practice with seniors.

Over the years while practicing manual therapy, Annya uses her knowledge of massage techniques having trained as Massage Therapist. Combining her Polish and Canadian experience in this field she includes her massage therapy techniques in her holistic approach to treatment.

Since establishing her professional practice in Canada, she have assessed and treated many patients from different walks of life. She is very keen on actively engaging her patients in their healing process, and providing them with the tools to help manage or eliminate pain from their lives. To date, her practice has primarily involved clients with orthopedic, cardio-respiratory, and neurological conditions.

Additionally to being Physiotherapist and Osteopath she graduated from Caroline Myss Educational Institute as an Archetypal Consultant and currently is engaged in Th.D program in Energy Medicine at Holos University.


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