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The Nature of the Treatment

At Health Spectrum we provide both Physical and Non-Physical treatments.

THE PHYSICAL TREATMENT is a hands-on manual therapy in Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy aiming to treat physical disorders and ills. We use the knowledge and skill from those disciplines of science and integrate the essence of them into the treatment session.

The aim of the treatment is to restore the proper mobility of the various parts of the body that protects and maintain balance of health whether the restriction occurs at the site of the disorder or elsewhere in the body. This approach ensures more effective integration of the local treatment and improves the function of each system, one in relation to the other.

The treatment that we provide has Direct and Indirect effects.

The direct effects of the treatment are physiological and mechanical changes which can be felt immediately during or after the treatment. This can manifests as better flexibility of the spine, less headache, or expanded movement of the ribcage, which will be felt as an easy breathing.

The indirect effects ot the treatment are those that can be perceive with a variety of senses. The good example of this aspect of the treatment is improved vitality of the tissue and general increase of energy.

Our treatment will affect physiology, mechanics, emotions, attitudes, and mental awareness and you can become aware of those changes in your body as we treat you. In our practice we pay attention to the intent of the practitioner and encourage the patient to become an active participant in the healing process.

While we treat you, our hands become a fulcrum allowing your body to unwind the accumulated tension. As osteopathic practitioners we can perceive various tensions in the body of different structures like muscles, organs, viscera, the movement of the sutures of the head or the movement of the fluids. The information which we gather from the body allows us to sense the fluctuation of the cerebro-spinal fluid and palpate the various restrictions of the tissue. Sensing the changes in a tension of the body is an essential component of the treatment for both, you the patient and the therapist. Our constant integration of knowledge and skills in treating physical body makes our treatments coherent and therefore effective.

Because humans are complex entities and are composed of more than physical mechanism, so while we treat you on physical plane, you will also experience the benefits on the level of your emotions, attitudes (mind), and beliefs (spirit). This means that there will be subtle changes on different level of your beings, but it does not mean that our treatment will fix all of your issues and you will not longer need other therapies. If you face emotional or psychological issues you need to explore those with a professional who is qualified in the specific field of science. Likewise, if you are treated holistically by a nutrition practitioner you need to be aware that a good nutrition is not a substitute for a physical flexibility of the tissue, though, proper nutrition will definitely contribute to that aspect of your health.


Some of the components of treatment session may include the following techniques aiming to restore harmony to your body:

Treatment enhancing Vitality of the tissue • Cranio-Sacral Unity • Normalization of Autonomic Nervous System • Decompactions • CoreLink Treatment • Cerebrospinal Fluid Normalization • Visceral Work • Lymphatic Tissue Decongestion • Fluid Drainage • Mechanical Musculoskeletal Balancing • Cranial Manipulation • Three Diaphragms Release • Reciprocal Tension Membranes • Durra Matter Release • Fascial and Myo-Fascial Release • Craniosacral Techniques • Osteo-Articular Adjustment • Muscles Energy Techniques • Soft Tissue Massage • Trigger Points Therapy • Stretching • Posture Correction-Corrective Exercises • Physiotherapeutic Techniques


THE NON-PHYSICAL TREATMENT consists of Archetypal Consultation, Intuitive Readings, Inner Counselor sessions or Emotional Balancing Techniques. The Non-Physical treatment involves variety of techniques to help a conversion of unbalanced emotions into useful life skills. This type of treatment can affect local, physical and nonlocal, non-physical areas of our existence. Human tissue holds a memory of different traumas. Working with physical and non-physical aspect of our life allows for a more holistic healing experience.

At Health Spectrum clinic you have a choice to participate in a physical or non-physical treatment or combine both types of treatments. We use our extensive experience and knowledge of physical and non-physical domain of human existence to facilitate your continuous commitment to your health. We do recommend that the physical treatments be complemented with non-physical consultations.

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