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Vlodek Kluczynski

Vlodek Kluczynski, Osteopathic Practitioner

Vlodek Kluczynski was educated in Europe and in North America. He graduated from Academy of Physical Education from Warsaw, Poland with Master Degree in Physical Education and did additional study in Massage Therapy for sports injury and rehabilitation. In Canada he graduated from Sutherland-Chan Massage School, where subsequently he joined the faculty as a teacher of Sorts Massage and Injury Rehabilitation. He is a Massage Therapist.

Furthermore, Vlodek Kluczynski has graduated from Canadian Collage of Osteopathy and has co-written a thesis with Annya Kluczynska  titled “The Nature of Intent in Osteopathy” He is an active Osteopathic Practitioner. He brings his 30 years of clinical practice to facilitate healing for people in their levels of difficulties.

He combines his knowledge from his diverse education to help people facing physical ailments. His experience includes working with dancers of National Ballet of Canada as well as with professional athletes of hockey players and baseball.

Additionally to his extensive study of human body Vlodek is enrolled in a Th.D program of Energy Medicine and Spiritual Healing at Holos University.

Vlodek’s quest for truth is expressed in this short article:

Every being in the universe is conditioned to obey its laws. This means that by finding the laws of the universe, I will find the law for myself and bypass my confused ego in the process. The three most important laws and qualities for the universe, which I have found are:

• Omnipresent: Synonymous with totality
• Omnipotent: Full of potentiality
• Everlasting: Beyond time, with no beginning and no end

Many other qualities of the universe, such as being alive, conscious, and evolving are elements of the three above-mentioned qualities and laws. The one quality and law which presently interests me the most is ‘Omnipotent. For me, full potentiality means that on infinite spectrum I am ‘angel, devil’ and everything in between. My responsibility as a being with self-reflective consciousness is therefore to make a choice about who I want to be now. They are some significant implications of this choice:

• I actively participate in the process of evolution
• I become responsive instead of reactive

As a human being I am limited by time and space. This means I can experience and do anything but not everything. I need wisdom, knowledge and some luck to make my choices. I was born and raised in a communist country where religion was prosecuted and ridiculed. My first years of independent thinking were dominated by pure logic and deep skepticism about anything even remotely related to the metaphysical. Then, being influenced by Pascal and Kant, I started to play the ‘What if?’ game. The concept of living, conscious, and evolving universe was tantalizing, but I needed proof. Over the years, somebody or something (I know it was not me) built the bridge between my left brain, ego driven logic and right brain creative mysticism. This process of balancing the two is by no means finished. I believe it is never ending. I started to realize that the changes in my own psycho-spiritual being paralleled the changes of people around me. I experienced first-hand the law of interconnectedness. I engaged myself in a formal study so that I could build a better and stronger learning chain for myself and for anyone I might affect, since ultimately anything I learn, I learn for myself and others.

I believe that humankind is at a turning point of personal and social transformation. We are blessed to live in such an opulent and secure country. The human life span, access to information and the opportunity to evolve is better than ever before in human history. The standard of living is much higher than even a king had just few hundred years ago. Yet, paradoxically, the amount of mind altering drugs consumed is just staggering. This is telling me, that external solutions (or illusions of solutions) will never solve the internal problems. I believe that continuous self-exploration will help me (and others) to provide guidance and knowledge to assist people through their changes.

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