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Vlodek is absolutely AMAZING! He is extremely knowledgeable of the human body and has really helped me with my nagging sports injuries and poor posture caused by years of sitting in front of a computer. I had no idea my posture was so bad before he showed me how I am supposed to stand, walk etc. He is truly a skilled osteopath and from my experience is the BEST osteopath in Toronto!! He even provided me with stretches/exercises to help me take control of my own health. If you are looking for osteopathy treatment in Toronto I would highly recommend Vlodek to anyone!!

Paul Teitelman


Testimonial for Annya Kluczynska

Laura Warren, Toronto, March 5, 2014.

I was first referred to Annya by my younger sister, Jenny, who couldn’t really put into words why I should see Annya for treatment, but insisted, “She’s absolutely amazing. You’ll see. Just make an appointment.” This was in late 2006 and I have been a believer, I mean a client, ever since.

It was not an accident or injury that prompted me to seek Annya for physiotherapy; rather it was a desire to have a great practitioner to help me deal preventively with the ups and downs of my body on a regular basis.

I was totally unprepared for Annya’s brand of physiotherapy: her physical manipulations are good, and hard stretches that get at the problem. As a runner, now and again I get tight IT bands, hamstrings, hip flexors and piriformis, which I regularly stretch on my own. But when that tightness gets to a certain level, only Annya’s manual therapy can break it down.

When I have no particular physical complaints, Annya treats my body to deep massage. She massages away general muscle tightness or kinks but never delivers the same massage twice. About a year ago during a busy and stressful period I mentioned to her that my jaw seemed rather tight—Annya responded by doing a series of amazing releases on my jaw. It was incredible!

As a practitioner of physiotherapy, osteopathy and massage, Annya is the best! No question. But what I love about her is that she brings more than just technical expertise to her practice. She is also deeply reflective, philosophical, and spiritual. During some of our treatments we will have amazing conversations about the connectivity of our physical condition to all the other parts of ourselves: our emotional,  psychological, and spiritual well-being, of course, affect our physical well-being. For me, Annya’s practical talents are only enhanced and heightened by this intangible element of her practice.

Thank you Annya!


I was referred to Annya Kluczynska and her husband Vlodek Kluczynski following an exhaustive and ineffective search for treatment following a serious car accident. The accident occurred September 20, 2008 and resulted in compression fractures, bulging discs, annual tears and boughts of debilitating pain and muscle spasms. I missed work for weeks at a time on several occasions over the first two years following my accident. After chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, decompression and countless medications failed to resolve my issues I attended Health Spectrum at the recommendation of a friend figuring I really didn’t have much to lose. The diagnosis, treatment and relief I have experienced while under the care of both Annya and Vlodek has been incredible. While I do continue to suffer from intermittent flare-ups of my injuries (which I attribute to an improper diagnosis and course of treatment BEFORE I met Annya and Vlodek) the pain is far less intense and the boughs occur far less frequently. I would recommend Annya to anyone looking for accurate, thorough, respectful and effective treatment from pain, illness, disease or injury. She has extensive knowledge in both physiotherapy and osteopathy and can very quickly and accurately solve problems causing impairment to regular function.


Amelia Thornton

Accident Benefits Adjuster


Annya and Vlodek Kluczynski are two of the most gifted body workers that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. They are more than skilled; they are gifted at their occupation. I truly believe that these two devoted healers channel grace as they work with their clients, which is no doubt why so many people experience remarkable results.”

Caroline Myss

Author, Lecturer and Medical Intuitive


I was referred to Annya by an athletic therapist.  I fell, broke my arm and tore some muscle fibers around my shoulder.  The athletic therapist had worked with me for two months and felt she had nothing more to offer.  I saw an orthopedic surgeon who suggested that I would be lucky to regain 75% mobility in my shoulder, so it was with some desperation that I came to Annya. I was immediately impressed by her warmth and optimism. She used a wide range of techniques, stretching, manipulation, massage, osteopathy, and of course she gave me exercises to keep up the momentum of the work on my shoulder.  I am very pleased to say I now have 95% range of motion in my shoulder.  That level of improvement speaks for itself.  I would highly recommend Annya.

Clarissa Barton M.D.


In December 2009, I had an accident that changed my life. Meeting Annya and Vlod Kluczynski, a few months later, was a true grace for which I will be eternally grateful. Attracted to their clinic by their wide and varied competencies, it was their patient-focussed approach, their open-mindedness, and the peaceful and serene climate to be found within their clinic that helped me persevere till I got back on my feet. Today, I enjoy life fully and they played a most important role in my recovery. I highly recommend these highly skilled practitioners. They are true healers.

Mireille Lapointe


Letter of Recommendation for Vlodek Kluczynski

Dear People,

I have known Vlodek since April 1998 when I referred to him for treatment of a soft tissue problem that I had been unable to resolve with traditional methods.  His treatment not only began resolving the problem, he also showed me some exercises to work with to address this as well.

I have continued to have treatments by Vlodek approximately every month for spans of time roughly of 5—8 months.  During this time I have also referred approximately 5 other people to him, all of whom are quite appreciative of the referral.

As many of us ‘baby boomers’ are not accepting the passive medical model of our parents, Vlodek can be a partner in the search for knowledge on what the causes are of a particular ailment as well as how to promote excellent health.  A couple of examples might be illustrative of this.  I had a recurring bone problem in my foot, for which a podiatrist said basically there was nothing to be done except wear orthotics for the rest of my life.  Vlodek helped me identify what the cause of the problem was and what I could do to address on my own.It was not something which could be addressed only by regular treatments.  Today, a couple years later, I have had no recurring pain.

Secondly, I was pursuing a new approach to male modulation therapy, and Vlodek lent me a book to take my understanding in a somewhat different and deeper direction.  I am most thankful to him for this. This has impacted my life quite significantly and positively.  My sense of him professionally is that he is one the handful of truly gifted people as a healer.

Vlodek, in my opinion, is one (along with his wife) who is living his passion and life’s work.  What he does is not work, but rather a calling. If you had an incoming class composed of people of his caliber, you could have an impact on the health care system when they were graduated.  May you be so fortunate.


Mark Towers, Ph.D.



Thank you Vlodek for making my life much more pain-free!


Karen Kain

Artistic Director , The National Ballet of Canada


During my long career as a ballerina, I learned how intimately connected my body and mind were. When I ignored my body, my state of mind was affected, and if I became negative in my thinking, my physical well-being was affected. When I see Annya, I feel restored in every aspect of my being. Her vast knowledge and sensitivity to the whole patient make her, in my opinion, a truly exceptional therapist.

Jennifer Fournier

Former Principal Dancer, The National Ballet of Canada


I started seeing Annya by referral because I have had shoulder, back and hip tightness for as long as I can remember due to various injuries and computer work.  Alternative treatments have not been successful, however since beginning my treatments with Annya two months ago I have noticed huge improvements.  I no longer have chronic pain and my flexibility has improved tremendously which makes day to day activities much more comfortable.  Annya is a very caring and knowledgeable practitioner and I would highly recommend her.

Emma Baffa

Executive Assistant


I had my first session with Annya back in 2007 during a very transitional time in my life. I had always suffered with chronic back pain due to years as an equestrian athlete, but had since compounded the issues with long hours sitting at a desk and high stress in my new career.

I remember lying on the table at my first treatment and thinking “there’s something very special about this woman” and I was right. She’s an angel. Not only is Annya a skilled Physiotherapist and Osteopath, but her warm spirit and open heart heals me on many levels during our time together. With her help I’ve been able to better manage my pain and recognize my triggers. Annya is an active therapist who explains why each movement and adjustment is helpful to your situation and how the muscles and body work so that as a patient you can become educated in your daily movements.

I can’t say enough about how wonderful Annya is as a therapist and I’d highly recommend her to anyone.

Nicole Ellerton
Creative Director


My husband and I have been seeing Annya and Vlodek for treatments for the past four years. When we found out we were pregnant with our first child, it was without hesitation that we continued our visits at their clinic. Not only has Annya helped me to keep my body in a natural state of balance, being in my 3rd trimester she has also been a tremendous help for all my pregnancy related aches and pains.  Annya is an extremely kind and positive practitioner who is very knowledgeable when it comes to the body and it’s interconnected systems. She does a great job of tracing my discomfort to possible sources and always explains the reasons behind the stretches and manipulations she performs. I would recommend Annya to all pregnant women out there who are looking for treatment by someone who really cares and has their best interest at heart.

Cynthia Siggens

Elementary School Teacher


Annya’s hands reach beyond the normal role of an D.O.M.P. She possess a strong intuitive ability that works on all levels of the body, mind and soul of the individual. She is a natural archetypal counselor.

September 5, 2008

Elizabeth R. Eline, D.P.M., M.A., Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Seguin Foot Health Center worked directly with Annya at Health Spectrum


In 2006 I received an Archetypal Chart Interpretation from Annya.  Six years later it remains as relevant as it was then.  In reviewing the extensive work Annya did for me then, I see that today I understand who and why I am and where I have come from and where I am going.  In my life I have learnt many things, only to forget them and wonder why I am reliving a certain part of my life over and over.  Annya’s work is an instruction manual for my life…….!  Amazing and exciting is this truth.  I will forever be grateful for Annya’s time, patience, understanding and gentle kind words.


Jane Gulka


Annya’s reading of my archetypes was both valuable and interesting. Not only did I learn what the various archetypes are, Annya was able to intuitively explain how these were manifested in me. On my path of self examination this experience was revealing and is a powerful guide as I move forward .
This experience was another aspect of Annya’s gift of healing.

Andrew England

Vacation Resort Founder, Costa Rica


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