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Physiotherapy in Canada is a professional paramedical healthcare discipline widely recognized as a main source for treating variety of physical conditions in neuromuscular, respiratory and orthopedic aspects of human body. The main focus of physiotherapeutic treatment is on prevention or alleviation of movement dysfunction in people. It is a drug-free practice governs by the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.

Physiotherapists are licensed healthcare providers whose function is to improve and maintain functional mobility and physical independence of their patients.

As drugless practitioner physiotherapists have been trained to complete an extensive assessment of your health history, evaluate your pain and movement pattern and the range of motion of your joints, check your reflexes and your muscular strength and establish the health of your sensory and cardiorespiratory status. To complete the assessment session physiotherapist may examine your X-ray reports, CAT scans, and laboratory tests, surgical and medical records.

Based on the assessment session your physiotherapist can establish causes of your physical dysfunctions and implement specific programs to help you with the correction or alleviation of movement disorder that cause pain and prevents your optimal physical mobility. Once you regain your flexibility the physiotherapist can help you with the maintenance of improved level of movement and focus on the prevention program.

There are different settings and levels of physiotherapeutic involvement.

In her practice as a physiotherapist Annya integrates her skills gained from working in a variety of settings. Her experience includes working with patients in a CCU (Cardiac Care Unit) and ICU (Intensive Care Unit), as well as treating Orthopedic and Neurologic patients including patients in a Trauma Unit in Sunnybrook Hospital. She also worked in an outpatient physiotherapy department in a hospital setting as well as outpatient’s physiotherapy clinics. In addition to this she have an extensive experience in treating senior citizens where along with regular therapy she also prescribed mobility equipment like wheelchairs, scooters and walkers.

Presently, Annya’s focus is on treating patients in a clinical setting where she works as a manual (hands-on) Physiotherapist. This means that she is using her hands as a main tool to treat her patients.

She has been trained to complete an extensive assessment and apply specific treatment which will help to facilitate your recovery from aches and pains. She can evaluate the pattern of your posture and movement and indicate the restrictions caused by life styles or injury.

Through assessment, treatment and education Annya can recommend the best way to treat your body and she will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan to assist you in re-gaining your health.

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