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Address:  18 Charnwood Rd.
North York, Ontario
M3B 2P8
Tel.:        416 445-2200
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Our Philosophy

At our clinic we use Integral approach to health, a multidimesional view of healing where people are more than physical beings alone. Humans are also emotional, mental and spiritual beings living in the complex cultural and environmental context.
Our practice is a unique integration of the holistic healing arts of traditional manual osteopathy, massage therapy, physiotherapy, energy medicine, archetypal consultation and medical intuition. In our clinic we value your experience of your body and we listen to your story and compliment it with our knowledge and skill.
We work with the patients in a caring, process-oriented way, which promotes optimal health, self-awareness and longevity, taking the patient beyond the “quick fix”. Ultimately, truly integrated vision of health and healing must understand the person from each of these aspects. It must also understand that our personal evolution does not take place uniformly in each of these aspects. Our integral approach to health does not compete with other systems. It is a meta-system that incorporates the truth found in all the other systems and integrates them into a comprehensive framework.
We would like you to become an active participant in your healing process. We believe that it is not enough just to come and list your symptoms of illnesses. Self-awareness and self-description are essential. How do you experience your symptoms is more important to us than the name of the condition or a dysfunction. Your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical behaviors create the patterns, which are the foundation for a healthy life.

We have seen a lot of water pass under the bridge and developed a unique perspective on treating and teaching people to treat themselves. Thirty years’ experience in treating people may not be something one would want normally to claim, but it is what we do and we do it very well. And, as a result, we know quite a bit about it.
Our method is based on the philosophy of active patient, examination and treatment, with emphasis on patient self-treatment and prevention. Our system allows the patient to become responsible for their own symptom management, empowering them to be in control of their treatment and prophylaxis. Our assessment process is proving to be effective in finding the source of the problem and early identification of people who will not respond readily to conservative treatment
Your work with us is an interpersonal process based on the mutual respect and basic assumption of equality in our individual development. They are no ‘superior’, knowledgeable-experts in our practice. We are facilitators. We believe that too much work too soon can result in great harm being done to a client. We believe in evolution and not in revolution. It is you who control the speed of change. Our treatment is not a quick-fix or simple solution. It is a process. It will require commitment, dedication, and perseverance. Physiological health as well as psycho-spiritual health can only happen as a direct communication between the wisdom of the body and the conscious thinking mind.

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