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Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy belongs to the spectrum of the healing arts. As a procedure massage is a hands-on remedy, a manual treatment affecting muscles and other structures of the human body. The main goal of massage therapy is to alleviate pain and soreness of tense or overworked muscles. The other benefits of massage therapy on human physiology are enhanced blood and lymph flow, better reflexes and less tension in the body.

Improved circulation of blood and lymph allows for enhanced elimination of metabolic waste products (toxins) and more effective nourishment of muscles, connective tissue and fascia. The additional benefit of Massage Therapy is relaxation and enhanced well-being.


Historical accounts of Massage Therapy in Healing

Massage as a healing art is mention throughout literature. The most ancient inscriptions are found in Bagha Gita, a Sanskrit message of the healing method for various aliment of the human body.

Well known historical texts verify that people of antiquity rejoice in using massage for beauty, health and healing.  Greek and Roman baths and spas were contemporary rejuvenating clinics for aristocracy, warriors, gladiators, soldiers and common man.

Guy deChauliac of the 14thcentury has written the book on surgery where he prizes the uses of massage. In a 16th century Ambroise Pare, a French barber surgeon also advises his contemporary to seek a body work for benefits of well-being. Lord Francis Bacon, English philosopher and scientist, an advocate and practitioner of scientific methods during the scientific revolution noticed that massage does improve a circulation and is beneficial for many bodily aches.

In 1850’s first scientific massage therapy was introduced by two New York physicians, brothers George and Charles Taylor and recommended for various musculo-skeletal issues.

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