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Introduction to Archetypes

In the Universe great acts are made of small deeds”

                                                       Lao Tsu


About Annya

Annya has completed extensive study in Archetypal Language and Sacred Contracts through Caroline Myss Educational Institute of Chicago, USA and is Certified Archetypal Consultant.

 E = mc2 = Archetypal Information

Annya’s fascination with Archetypes came as a result of her desire to complement her extensive knowledge of the physical domain with the non-physical Archetypal dimension of human reality. Einstein’s equation E=mc2 represents scientific attest that energy and matter are interchangeable. To harmonize that equation, the last twenty years of research provide evidence that information also equals energy. Annya sees the Archetypal pattern of information as a non-physical blueprint for the expression of physical world. Because of that, fully integrated approach to health requires attentions to all sides of the equation.


We are multidimensional beings. The source of our tension can come from either physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels of our existence. It can be either conscious or unconscious.

On an individual level, Archetypes represent non-physical pattern, (including the tension), around which physical life manifests itself on subconscious, conscious, and superconscious levels.

In essence, the Archetypes are the blueprint of meaningful potentiality for healthy human form. They direct the enfoldment of individual life in a similar way that the small impulse from Earth controls the trajectory of a distant space ship.

Your Life’s Journey

Our life is about growth and our evolution will be enhanced if we can integrate different levels of awareness in the spectrum of Consciousness. The Archetypes may serve us as a bridge transcending from unconscious to conscious to superconscious. The recognition of our Archetypal patterns is the key aspect to creativity and evolution of our individual Spirit.

The journey of self-esteem and expansion of your consciousness has much greater impact on you and those around you when you bring unconscious pattern of your habits, behavior, beliefs or attitudes into a conscious awareness and integrate them into the superconscious. The archetypes may serve you as a rainbow bridge transcending from unconscious to conscious and to superconscious.

 The Readings

For archetypal consultations Annya is using the Archetypal Wheel developed by Caroline Myss, a medical intuitive, author and a contemporary mystic. Reading the Archetypal Wheel is one of the most effective, powerful and potent tools of personal and global transformation of Body-Mind, Spirit and Soul.

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