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Welcome to Health Spectrum

We are experienced and dedicated Osteopathic Practitioners who have been working in manual therapy in Toronto for 30 years. Please call us to learn about various aspects of Osteopathic Treatment and about the advantages of coming to our osteopathic clinic, Health Spectrum, located in Don Mills, Toronto’s first organized community.

We have practiced Osteopathic Services since the first appearance of Osteopathy in Toronto and have obtained our Osteopathic Diploma from the Canadian College of Osteopathy, the first school of Osteopathy in Ontario.  Our Osteopathic Practice is a traditional, classical practice as intended by the founders of the profession.

We focus our practice on helping patients to correct structural and functional imbalances in their bodies. In our treatment room we will reveal how the departure from normal function due to trauma or bad habits can influence your body’s physical adaptation and explain the effects of the mechanical stress your body is enduring. We will seek out the underlying causes of any existing condition you may be experiencing and will teach you how to prevent the recurrence of these same issues.

Our aim as Osteopaths is to restore proper body mechanics, improve blood and lymph flow, and enhance the neurological balance of the nerve conductivity in the central and autonomic nervous systems through osteopathic treatment.

Our task as Osteopaths is to treat the dysfunctional element or elements of your body in relationship to all the other bodily systems, thereby helping you to gain vitality and balance. We use the osteopathic principles of health and healing to work toward the health of the individual.

We are a unique health clinic because we can craft specific treatment plan for your individual needs using our extensive knowledge about human anatomy and physiology which we acquired through our study of Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy.

Our Osteopathic approach to treatment and assessment includes the roles of musculoskeletal, visceral, and neurological components as well as the craniosacral mechanisms in the expression of health of the individual patient.

We are trained in Osteopathic Methodology and Osteopathic Treatment and our Osteopathic skills are a lineage to forebears of Osteopathy. We have a privilege to be taught by Dr Magoun Jr.D.O., a second generation Osteopath who was directly related to founders of the profession. His teachings have influence us in the way we see a healthy human body.

It is highly possible that because of our 30 years of experience working with national ballet dancers, national league hockey players and top figure skating Canadian athletes, that the problem which you are experiencing now we have treated countless of times.

If you are looking for an experienced and professional Osteopath in Toronto look no further than the Osteopathic Practitioners here at Health Spectrum! please visit our FAQ page for insights into the world of osteopathic treatment, or for more information about our practice go directly to Services.

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